With Quick Mortgage 101 / PRMG you are working directly with the lender, eliminating any broker or middle man. This translates into big savings, competitive interest rates, and quick underwriting turn times. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the home buying experience as we seamlessly take you from application to closing in record time .

Loan Manufacturing Process- At Quick Mortgage 101 / PRMG we do not see ourselves as simply providers of a service but also as sellers of goods. Accordingly, we strive to not only offer exceptional service, but a quality loan product to match. In doing so we have transformed the loan application process into a science by infusing the teachings and strategies of six sigma into the various stages of the loan process. These various stages are referred to as "milestones" with each allotted a certain amount of time before they must be moved onto the next milestone. If a loan falls outside of the milestone benchmark, it is quickly flagged by our tracking department. This tracking system alerts us of a potential problem and enables us to get ahead of a situation and quickly find a solution.